ALPHACIRCLE: Transcending the Boundaries of Immersive VR Experiences

Top 10 Startups In Korea For - 2022

A strong breeding ground of unicorns, three South Korean startups achieved the unicorn status in the first quarter of 2022. The thriving startup ecosystem can be attributed to the significant efforts made by the South Korean government to identify and nurture companies that have the potential to take over the world. In recent years, the Korean government has constantly improved the infrastructure that supports the startup ecosystem by making colossal exclusive funds and investing over $ 12 billion in startups through various accelerator projects. South Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and startups has been running the ‘Baby Unicorn 200 Nurturing Project’ to discover promising startups verified for their innovative business models and growth potential and nurture them as preliminary unicorns. The program has supported startups and businesses that have succeeded in multiple fields globally like Artificial Intelligence, fintech, logistics, biotechnology, robotics and more.

In addition, South Korea also encourages the growth of the startup scene by endorsing tax breaks and incentives for angel investors, venture capitalists, and mergers and acquisitions in the technology and R&D sectors. Located in East Asia, South Korea has strong cultural and economic ties with powerhouses such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and more. Startups can leverage South Korea’s favorable location to scale their business across the Asian market. With the goal to promote the expansion of open entrepreneurship in South Korea’s evolution as a prominent business hub in the region, improvements in visa regulations for startups and entrepreneurs from abroad have also opened new avenues for startups from various countries across Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia.

In this edition of Startupcity APAC, we present the list of the Top Korean Startups that are at the forefront of innovation in the region. Amongst them alphacircle and TFJ are companies that leading the way in terms of practicing current market trends and meeting prevalent challenges head-on. We also bring to you thought leadership articles and exclusive insights from expert CIOs and CXOs Patricia Poon, Founder and Managing Partner, Belmond Capital Limited and Vikas Datt, Managing Director and Partner at CerraCap Ventures presenting their ideas and opinions on the Startup scenario in Korea. We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders and the RPO organizations featured in this edition help you make informed decisions for your organization.

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Top 10 Startups In Korea For - 2022

    Top Startups In Korea

  • ALPHACIRCLE has developed the most advanced video engine software that dramatically improves VR image resolution played through smartphones or HMD (head-mounted display) devices to deliver incredible VR experiences. ALPHAView is built upon two core technologies that play a crucial role in processing the software: image segmentation, based on segmenting the 360-degree VR video into a certain number of images in order to intensively increase the number of pixels by optimizing the resources on the viewing angle; and playback synchronization to adjust the rendered images on par with the user’s field of view and switch them seamlessly without any frame errors, thereby generating a never-before-seen image quality.

  • aweXome Ray is a CleanTech startup with a vision to make the world more sustainable place via our next-generation EUV&X-Ray Tube. Our technology is the first in the world to continuously produce CNT(Carbon Nanotube) fibers commercially as an emitter to our cold-cathode EUV&X-ray tubes. Without using any filters, 'Airxome' offers clean and safe indoor air space by effectively removing fine dust(PM), airborne bacteria and airborne viruses at the same time. It can also maintain the freshness of agri-food, since our solution can also remove airborne fungi in agri-food storage warehouses.

  • Graphy has succeeded in developing new materials (photo-curable resin) for 3D printers, which are biocompatible and hypoallergenic and heat and water-resistant and precise.

  • Changing the dynamics of diagnosis with its rapid diagnostic platform

  • Lemon Healthcare focuses on connecting patients and medical institutions with ICT technology to create smart healthcare ecosystems.

  • Standard Energy is a technology company that designs and manufactures large-scale Vanadiumion batteries for energy storage systems. Standard Energy has devised a methodology to utilize Vanadium ions instead of lithium and given a twist to conventional ESSs.

  • TFJ


    Where many are struggling to develop a safe water repellent fabric, TFJ developed “BLUELOGY”– an environment-friendly water repellent technology that uses non-fluoride C0 chemical. Along with “BLUELOGY” the company is also developing a fire-retardant technology, “MATERIUM”– a fiber with excellent flame retardancy characteristics which maintains the properties of acrylic fiber and can be applied to various uses. All of the chemicals manufactured by TFJ are natural compounds that are liquid or powdered for mixing and use rather than decomposing through chemical reactions.

  • Watchmile, developed by VEStellaLab, is the world’s first smartphone-enabled indoor parking navigation system for guiding an autonomous vehicle to an empty parking space. The technology combines closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), IoT-based sensors, and smartphone gyro sensors to determine the exact location of the driver. Vision AI then analyzes the real-time data to offer a fast search for empty parking spaces. The search can also be optimized based on the preferences entered in advance by the driver. Once parked, Watchmile provides useful information, such as the exact location of the vehicle, and the time it was parked, eliminating unnecessary time and effort.

  • Feagle is the frontrunner in plasma medicine, taking a giant leap for the brighter future of the Korean and global medical field.

  • Green Labs

    Green Labs

    Green Labs digitizes all solutions for agricultural workers, from starting agribusiness to new farm construction, growing crops, and distribution and sales, paying attention to the inconveniences and difficulties that farmers experienced in the process of farming.